Woodland ABC + 123 Printed Book Bundle


This adorable book bundle is the perfect woodland baby shower idea to include on your special day. With enough pages to accommodate up to 52 guests, you’ll also have a wonderful alternative guest book to always remember your day by. This includes two plastic albums and personalized covers and tent sign if you wish to replace the word “Baby” with your child’s name.

My original illustrations are geared towards adults but can also be used for younger guests as well. The first book includes woodland themed subjects to represent each letter of the alphabet. The second book contains illustrated pages for numbers 1 to 20 and 6 blank pages for those who like to get a little more creative with their own artwork.

If you are looking for more information on how to use this in a virtual woodland baby shower or birthday event, please visit my comprehensive guide.

Envision this at your baby shower.

Printed Book Bundle _ Woodland Baby Shower ABCs and Numbers Books

Woodland Themed Baby Shower Activity Bundle - Baby's First Numbers and ABC Alphabet Coloring Book printed and shipped to you.

If you are looking for a unique activity to entertain a large group of up to 52 people,this bundle will be a perfect fit.

Even if you aren't artistic, coloring is tons of fun for the whole family (get the kiddos involved too). You can use this as a guest book alternative as well!

This may also be used for the preschool classroom, scrap-booking, nursery decorations, homeschool mom and kid's activities! Some of our customers use this as a fun mommy and me activity as they learn new letters each week!



~Woodland ABC Book: 26 illustrated pages printed and trimmed on high quality acid-free cardstock
~Woodland Numbers 20 illustrated pages + 6 Blank Template Pages printed and trimmed with high quality acid-free cardstock.
~Folded tent signs for ABCs and 123s. (Personalization optional)
~Two simple albums to hold each book

ABC Book:

A - Acorn
B - Bear
C - Caterpillar
D - Deer
E - Evergreen
F - Fox
G - Grasshopper
H - Hive
I - Ivy
J - Jaguar
K - Kiwi (the animal)
L - Leaves
M - Moose
N - Nest
O - Opossum
P - Pine Cone
Q - Quail
R - Rabbit
S - Skunk
T - Toad
U - Underwing Moth
V - Vole
W - Woodpecker
X - Xylodromus Beetle
Y - Yew
Z - Zebra Butterfly

Numbers Book:

1 Waterfall
2 Sloths
3 Fawns
4 Hedgehogs
5 Raccoons
6 Squirrels
7 Ladybugs
8 Butterflies
9 Dragonflies
10 Beetles
11 Frogs
12 Rabbits
13 Birds
14 Leaves
15 Wildflowers
16 Berries
17 Mushrooms
18 Feathers
19 Pebbles
20 Ants
+ 6 blank pages to add more (i.e. numbers 40, 60, 80 etc.)


My customers have found many creative ways to enjoy our coloring books such as:

Preschool classroom activity
Nursery Decorations
Homeschool Activities
Mommy and Me weekly lessons
Virtual Baby Shower
Teacher Appreciation Gift

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If you choose to have the cover and signs personalized with your baby's name I will do so for you by replacing the word "baby's" as seen in the images above. This includes front and back covers and both signs.

You will be prompted to provide this name during checkout, and I will send an additional email within 24-48 hours. The uneditable version will be available for download immediately through your Etsy purchases link.


All printed pages are black and white so you may colour it DIY style! The color images above are for demonstration purposes only.

Additional information

Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 12.5 × 2 in


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