You’ll love our unique collection of ABC baby shower coloring books, alternative guestbooks and fun printable baby shower games.

I hope you will feel at home here, as I create exciting new  ABC coloring books for your book-themed baby shower and update you with clever ways to celebrate motherhood. 

As you may already know, sadly many new parents have been forced to postpone or cancel their parties to comply with social distancing. I would recommend trying some alternative ways to celebrate. You may enjoy reading my latest post on how to create a meaningful virtual baby shower with this comprehensive guide.


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Printable Baby Shower Games You’ll Love!

I have been working hard to create amazing future ABC Book releases. I have so many wonderful ideas and I have to work hard not to give away the surprise!

I’m proud to announce my latest release of the Fairy Tale ABC Book with wonderful unique hand-drawn illustrations inspired by the old classics and fantasies. This is perfect if you are looking for a magical group activity that you can treasure for a long time.

The Fairytale Book is available as a printable book or a shipped bundle with album at my shop here or on Etsy.


Let me introduce you to this neat little book!

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