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Baby’s First Year Stages and Milestones

by | Feb 11, 2019

Development and growth are at their most dramatic during the first 12 months of an individual’s life. Nothing can match a baby’s development in this short 12 months.

Baby grows and develops quickly. They learn and grow fast as their vision, and motor skills develop at various stages of their lives. Knowing the different stages and milestones of the baby’s growth prepares a parent to act accordingly with their bundle of joy.

0 to 3 Months Milestone Progress.

Vision: Newborns quickly develop their sight. They begin to focus on objects and people around them. Colors such as red and black, patterns such as polka dots and shapes like large squares are especially attractive to them.

Bonding time: Comforting and holding the baby is a must during this early stage of their life. Babies do not know how to keep calm when they are upset which is why parents are needed to be there to provide comfort. There is no such thing as too much attention and love at this stage.

Safe Sleep: The AAP has given clear instructions on sleep safety for babies. Flat heads are preventable by changing the sleep position every other day. Baby’s bed must also be free of blankets and pillows to avoid SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Tummy Time: Introduce tummy time as part of bonding and fun time when the baby is wide awake. Having tummy time 2-3 times a day eliminates flat head syndrome. It also develops and strengthens baby’s shoulder and neck muscles.

4 to 6 Months Milestone Progress.

Babies at this stage can now sit, look at you when called, and roll over from their back to their tummies. These newly acquired skills are incredible for new parents enthralled by the things their children can do at this stage of  lives.

Introducing Solid Food: Introducing solid food to the baby is a significant milestone. Your doctor can prescribe the best starting food for the baby.

Continuing Tummy Time: Tummy time is a continuous process which needs to be maintained. Tummy time should also be seen as another bonding moment between parents and their babies. Have the baby experience other textures by changing the venue during tummy time. Place baby on a carpet, blanket or mat to develop his sensory perceptions.

Teething Time: During this stage, babies will start teething. Their gums will become tender and a bit swollen which is why they chew on their hands a lot. A chilled wet washcloth can appease the baby’s sore gums. However, ice or anything solidly frozen should never be given to babies. Brushing should start as soon as the baby’s first tooth pops out.

7 to 9 Months Milestone Progress.

Babies start to become independent during this stage.  They now can crawl and have the time of their lives! During this stage, parents need to watch baby closely especially during his exploration journeys.

Baby Is Keeping a Close Eye on You: Baby now has the dexterity and curiosity to watch everything you’re doing. It’s the best time for parents to enhance the baby’s senses. Having them sit in the kitchen while you are cooking gives them the opportunity to see and smell the food being cooked. His knowledge of smell, touch, and feel can be further developed with different textures.

This stage is the best time to show them the world and become accustomed to your voice and words.

Gabbing: Babies can now make you understand what they want and need. They will also be able to recognize whether you are happy or angry by listening to the tone of your voice. They are in the stage where they can shake their head when they are full. They also reach out to you if they want you to pick them up. All of these abilities means that the baby is on their way to develop communication skills.

They Have Found out The Power of Their Hands: This stage sees further fine motor development. Baby discovers that he can pull out your hair, pick up small pieces of food, clap or point. Expect babies at this stage to do much clapping and pointing.

10 to 12 Months Milestone Progress.

Babies are very ambulatory and talkative as their first birthday approaches. Independence and further skills development are the exciting things in store for parents and toddlers at this point in their lives.

Discoverer and Explorer: Parents now have a discoverer and explorer on their hands! This is the stage where close supervision is needed as the baby starts to pull and climb furniture. One excellent way of preventing accidents from happening is to baby-proof furniture in the home.

Babies start to walk fast as they achieve balance and strength. This stage is probably the busiest time for parents as they run after their baby. The only respite is when they are asleep.

Saying Their First Word: Mom and Dad will be delighted to hear the baby call them ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ for the first time. Enhancing language skills to a toddler is through singing songs, reading together or just explaining what you are doing. Encourage the baby to say real words by repeating his babble. For instance, if baby babbles “ba,” make it a real word by saying “bag,” “bat,” “ball,” and more.

It’s Time to Play: Babies will assume a more active role in playing. They are now aware that playing is not a one-way street. They learn to imitate your gestures and understands that they have to actively participate in the game to make it fun and exciting.

Don’t Sweat it.

Every parent wants to be the best parent for their child. That’s what parents want even when the job of raising a child can be downright scary. Parenting is one of the significant milestones that offer great rewards especially when the helpless infant grows up to be a robust, loving, and responsible individual.

The most exciting times in couples’ lives are to become new parents. Learning to keep your cool, take things in stride, and feel happy while doing it holds the keys to great parenting.