Let’s learn how to create a printable invitation for your next birthday party event. I’ve designed two editable birthday  invitation templates for you: A monochrome robot theme and a rustic turquoise burlap style. On top of that, I’m going to show you exactly how to create your printable invitations using these nifty free designs. Enjoy the video tutorial below:


Step 1: You need to right click and save these free editable birthday party invitation templates. You have your choice of a silver gray robot theme for boys or a turquoise burlap birthday invitation for girls. (On second thought, the robot one is pretty cool for girls and boys!)


FREE Robot Birthday Party Template



Step 2: Let’s say you are more organized than me! So open note pad on your computer and draft out what you want to write on your birthday party invitation.

Or you can use the exact same text I used in the video example.

Step 3: Create an account over at Canva. The set up is really quick if you login with facebook. You could make your document as a guest, but then you wouldn’t have the benefit of coming back to your saved work. Canva is pretty awesome because it’s an easy drag and drop software and totally free.

Here’s a copy of what we made together during the tutorial. You can use this as inspiration or come up with your own layout.

free birthday invitations for boy or girl diy



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As always, you are welcome to email me or ask any questions below annie@babypinch.co

Disclosure: I am providing these templates for personal use only; these invitations are the property and copywrite of www.babypinch.com. If you are interested in licensing any of my artwork for commercial use, please get in touch with me at annie@babypinch.co to make arrangements.


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