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5 Amazing Benefits of Coloring for Children (And You!)

by | Jan 20, 2019

It has come full circle — something we used to do as children.  Some of us were better than others — some of us whistled while we did it while the rest just tried to go fast and get it done to move on to the next thing.

Now, you walk into any book store, and you will see many options of this once only relegated to our elementary school years’ activity: coloring. That is right – coloring.

You can find any number of coloring books for adults today.  Moreover, if you look hard enough you will discover dot to dot books, word finds, and word unscrambles too.  However, coloring books take the cake.

Amazon, the giant of retail, has its own category for this with a top 50 book list.  So, why are these books so popular amongst adults, and what does that have to do with children?  Good question – I am glad you asked.

Coloring has many benefits for both adults and children.  However, in this article, we are going to focus on benefits for children.  You can apply these benefits to adults to understand why coloring is making a comeback.


1.) Motor Skills

Coloring helps children develop motor skills.

Motor skills allow children to grasp and manipulate items with their hands, which translates into everyday tasks such as holding the sippy cup tight or being able to buckle a seat belt.

Also when coloring, children are strengthening the muscles in their hands, wrists, and fingers.

Children ultimately can build on these skills to become better at sports, art, or when doing work such as typing.

2.) Prepares them for school.

When children get to school, they will be doing assignments that involve lots of coloring and color since this is the primary way to communicate while verbal skills are improving.

Thus, by coloring now, you are helping your child get ready for their future.

So, when they arrive at school, they are prepared to learn and can identify colors, which will set the foundation for a successful education.


3.) Improved Focus and Hand-Eye Coordination.


Young children are just developing the ability to focus and display coordination.

Coloring helps them refine these abilities.  When they have to choose a color, hold the crayon, identify the correct spot or shape for the color, or even sharpen crayons, children are improving focus and hand-eye coordination.

Thus, by participating in coloring, young children are building these essential skills at a younger age and faster.

4.) Boundaries, Spatial Awareness, and Structure.

Coloring teacher children about structure and boundaries.  The old saying stay in the lines applies to this one.

Although later in life, he or she may become a Jackson Pollock who does not remain within the borders, learning to follow the rules and a set structure is vital for children.

Plus, coloring teaches children about lines, shapes, hues, perspectives, patterns, and forms.

5.) Confidence and Self Esteem.

Completing projects is a way children build a belief in themselves.

Coloring regularly and completing the projects helps to build confidence in children.

A confident child is more likely to try new things and learn more.

Bonus: Therapy and Stress Relief.

 personRelief from stress is the benefit that many adults find most intriguing about adult coloring books.

In fact, according to Color Psychology,” Coloring is also calming and therapeutic for kids, especially if they have no other outlet for unpleasant or confusing emotions.

Even kids who fall into the “normal” range of emotional health can benefit from processing their feelings, frustrations, and emotions through the simple but profound act of coloring.”

Thus routine coloring can help children regulate emotions and process feelings, which is a critical life skill.

There you have it.  Five, well, six amazing benefits of coloring for kids.  If you want to bond with your child and have both of you experience these remarkable benefits, try our new ABC coloring book.

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