Book Themed Baby Shower Ideas – From Start to Finish Guide

 When you were a kid, do you remember remember that feeling you got while reading? Did your mind take flight into an imaginary world? Most mothers want to share that same experience with their kids and help them get the best start to life as possible. That’s why book themed baby showers are becoming more popular by the day. 

 You’re in for a real treat! There are so many fun ways to incorporate this theme into your baby shower on a modest budget and it doesn’t have to feel complex or overwhelming. 

 From eclectic book-inspired food arrangements to fun ABC book games the possibilities go as far as your imagination can reach. That is why I have put together several book themed ideas to inspire and help you plan your next party. 

book themed baby shower ideas

Quick Preparation Tips 

The book lover in you is thrilled to start a book themed baby shower – Congrats! However, you may suddenly feel the overwhelm and panic set in as you begin to wonder, ‘where do I start?’ The first step to throwing a successful party is to get organized and set your plans down on paper. Here’s a basic list of questions to nudge you in the right direction.  

 What is your budget? 

  1. Where do you want to host the party?
  2. How many people do you wish to attend? 
  3. What is the ideal date and time? (Decide on 2-3 options) 
  4. What is your favorite color scheme (optional)? 
  5. Pick two or more friends to help assist with the shopping and setup. 
  6. Set up a Pinterest group board and pin items that inspire you and/or make a google drive spreadsheet and share it with whomever is helping. 
  7. Set up a Pinterest group board and pin items that inspire you and/or make a google drive spreadsheet and share it with whomever is helping. 
  8. Decide on a baby registry and ask the mom-to-be to create a list of items. 
  9. Print out and prepare your baby shower invitations. 


Great Invitations to Send to Guests 

 Bring a Book Instead of a Card. 

When you send out your baby shower invitations, I suggest you include a business card-sized insert requesting that your guests bring a book instead of a card. Just like a diaper raffle, this is a genius way to get a kickstart on your child’s first book collection.  I created a this kraft style insert for you that can easily send to an online printer like Vistaprint. Click the image below to access the PDF for free (my treat)! 

bring a book instead of a card

You can also go for a more retro look with this library card insert. This is another printable availabe on Etsy.

library card baby shower invitation

Choose a cute “Build-a-Library” sign and create a station where you can collect books from your guests. It’s easy to find printable signs like this to display, you can even put it in a pretty frame next to flowers and candy. 

Speaking of invitations, check out some options: 

fairy tale baby shower invitation

I also love these printable Nursery Rhyme invitation showing Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose and the Cow Jumping Over the Moon.  

once upon a time baby shower invitation

These “Once Upon a Time” invitation has a nice warm and fuzzy vibe to it, plus they ship o you don’t need to do any prep work or trimming. 

Book Themed Baby Shower Decorations 

Oh the places you will go with book-themed decorations! The great thing about this theme is that it is easy to put together beautiful decorations on a budget while also helping the first-time mothers start a baby book library. First thing’s first: You will want to gather up as many of your favorite books as possible.  

This is the perfect time to call up some friends and make a trip to the library to borrow as many children’s books as you can. You can even check out a few garage sales until you’ve got a decent stash. 

Make a Book Wreath 

Do you have a bunch of old books that are falling apart? Then you can re-purpose these by creating a colorful book wreath with all the pages and hang it up at the door entrance.  

Here’s a great tutorial on how create your own book wreath for under $10. 


Get Eco-friendly with Your Book Decorations 

If you have some old beat up books hanging around, why not recycle them to create these adorable baby block decorations. You can even re-use them as a part of your baby’s nursery, giving it that eco-friendly retro look that is so popular these days. 

I also found this cute shop called “Shop Down the Block” who has tons of neat choices already made to ship along with matching book confetti. How adorable is are these Fairy Tale book Blocks? 


 Fairy tale baby blocks by Shop Down the Block on Etsy

These are also mutipurpose. The mother-to-be can include it in her nursery room décor. 

snow-white-baby-blocksSnow White baby blocks by Shop Down the Block on Etsy

Here’s another cute idea: Make a book mark garland out of the story book pages like this.  


You can also display ABC coloring pages like a banner as part of your decorations. More on that later. 

Menu Signs and Display 

There are so many ways you can show off your baby shower menu. Here are some creative low-cost ways to set it up: 

  • Stacked Books Menu – create a makeshift book cover with colorful paper or with brown paper bags. Then label the spine of each book with an item from your menu and stack them tall and proud to announce your baby shower menu. 
  • Full Sized Menu Poster – Make a full-sized menu to match your welcome sign and have each of them mounted on a poster board. You can even message me here and I will design a custom one just for you! 
  • Printable Table Signs – Make your own printable signs. You can make signs for each menu item and place them throughout the table spread. Here’s a little trick. You can go to canva and design them pretty quickly for free and then print them out and use photo frames. Canva has tons of free graphics and type you can use, or you can use a free image use site like pixabay or unsplash.  
  • Mini Tent Signs – Create miniature printable tent signs and display them next to each food item. 

Make a Hungry Caterpillar Diaper Cake 

caterpillar diaper cake with books

You can try your hand at creating your own caterpillar diaper cake or find something cute like this on Etsy.

Book Themed Food Ideas That Will Make Everyone Go Wild

Are you a book lover AND a foodie? Then you are in good company my friend! There are so many exciting book-themed foods ideas available it’s almost hard to know where to start.  Here are some food ideas that will surely give everyone that warm and fuzzy feeling. Go ahead, mix and match your favorites and have fun propping books and table signs next to each one. 

Green Eggs and Ham 

How about some ham and cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs made with green food coloring? Or substitute Smoked Turkey as a Kosher option.  This will amuse and evoke the kid in everyone.  

Dragons Love Tacos  

Oh my goodness! Who doesn’t love tacos? In my house we make tacos with Morningstar veggie crumbles, fresh salsa, Mexican cheese and other salad fixings to go with it. Make it look festive with lots of bright colors and you are ready to party! 

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 

Yass, with all those food cravings, the mom-to-be will love you even more when she sees some homemade chocolate chip cookies. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

James and the Giant Peach 

How about them Peaches Apples? Think peach cobbler, or a fresh fruit display.  

Blueberries for Sal 

Add a splash of blueberries in your fruit salad or bake a blueberry pie. Your doctor or midwife will totally approve! 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

You can never have too much chocolate under any situation. Especially when you are an expectant mom.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 

Mmmm… Did somebody mention meatballs? One of my favorite recipes was one my grandma used to make using grape jelly to make a sweet sauce.

Very Hungry Caterpillar 

This book has so many fun foods. Again, the fruit will tie in the other fruit themed books so you can make a nice colorful fruit salad, choose some fun treats and make a big green salad to balance things out. 

Pancakes, Pancakes – Eric Carle 

Breakfast is such a huge staple in our household, so why not make a Pancake and breakfast buffet at your baby shower. I am always happy with affordable comfort food, and it’s your best bet if you want to make sure there is something for everybody. 

A Cake Made for Storybooks  

You can go in so many directions with the cake simply by picking one of your favorite storybooks and going with that. I especially love this idea with Peter Rabbit cake on a stack of books by Zingermans Bakery:

Peter rabbit baby shower cake with stack of books

Book Themed Baby Shower Favors 

You’re going to need some party favors to tie into the book-themed shower. Here are some fun and affordable options to consider: 

 Handmade Story Book Soaps from talented creators on Etsy. 

Twelve Children's Storybook Story book mini guest soaps image 0

Prepare bags of  gummy worms candy labeled for “Bookworms” or book lovers.  

book worm baby shower favor

Create your own personalized bookmarks. If you are the hands-on type, you can go to to design your own. It’s easy to come up with ideas for quotes by heading over to Pinterest or google. You can find free artwork all over the web for personal use. 

golden book style bookmark

Entertain Your Guests With Fun Book Themed Games

This brings us to the entertainment portion of your baby shower. Allow me to suggest some book-themed baby shower games that are super fun and not embarrassing.  

1. Make Your Baby’s First ABC Book 

You may be wondering, why have games at the baby shower? Firstly, guests have come to expect to play games; Whether they like or not is a different story. Secondly, having them available helps fill in transitions between activities and it’s also a great way to occupy guests while the honored mother is opening presents. This helps make everyone feel comfortable and at home. 

My absolute favorite activity is the ABC Book which doubles as a fun coloring activity and guest book! I specialize in creating hand-drawn illustrated books which are personalized with the baby’s name or however you like.  

abc baby shower coloring book and guestbook

It’s simple to set out the pages to create a coloring station with colored pencils and/or markers next to the matching table and tent sign. Once everyone is finished, you can use the pages to create a colorful banner; Just attach them to some twine with clothespins. 

abc pages on display at customer baby shower

You have the option to get the instant download to print and prepare yourself, or you can get the Printed ABC book with Album included (where I take care of all the prep work for you.) 

Q is for Quilt baby shower letter page on display

I have several options available at my shop, and I’m currently working on an ABC Book – Fairy Tale Edition which you can pre-order now. This would look amazing next to a “Once Upon a Time” sign as a part of your decoration.

2. One Fish, Two Fish Guessing Game 

Fill up a glass ball jar with gummy fish and see whose answer is the closest. The winner receives a special prize. 

gummy candy displayed in jars

3. Don’t Say “Baby” Game 

Don’t Say Baby is a funny game about self-control. The goal is to avoid saying the word “baby.” Everyone starts out with one clothing pin attached to their clothes, but if they say “baby” another guest may steal their pin. Whoever gets all the clothespins at the end wins.  

"Don't Say Baby" printable baby shower game

4. Printable Nursery Rhyme Games 

You may want to pick up a printable Nursery Rhyme Quiz like this one; 

Nursery rhyme trivia game for baby shower

5. Another fun option is the book Emoji Game: 

children's books emoji Pictionary game

Getting Ready for the Big Day 

That about wraps it up. Now all you have left to do is sit back and enjoy the baby shower you’ve created. I hope that you have found some inspiration to plan for your book-themed baby shower.  

I would love to know your thoughts or ideas by leaving a comment below. Have you ever hosted a book themed baby shower? What was the biggest highlight the last time you attended one? 


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